Photography Equipment

The cameras I use the most are three Rolleflexes (2.8F and 3.5F), a Mamiya 6, a Mamiya 7 and a Fuji 100s digital. The film is Ilford Delta 400 processed in PMK Pyro. I’ve used this combination since PMK came on the market (before that I used Edward Weston’s ABC Pyro formula) and I know it well enough not to have to think or worry about that part of the equation anymore.


I built, and maintain, this website and others using Apple computers and a variety of software. I know just enough about coding, WordPress and servers to be more than dangerous, but my code certainly isn’t poetry, as WordPress would have you believe. But it works for me. It’s designed to look its best in Safari, in both OS X and iOS for iPad.


Hosting is by SiteGround, a company with optimized server setups on three continents.


More information on my setup can be found in The Setup interview, originally written in 2012.


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