The Midnight Garden


This is a selection of images from new work by Cy DeCosse titled The Midnight Garden. The flowers in this series open at night or early evening. Some of the blooms will die by early morning; some will stay open for a few hours the next day.

Each 21″ x 16″ image is hand printed in platinum-palladium metals onto 30″ x 22″ Magnani Revere paper and in an edition of 30.

For more information visit Cy’s website.

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Photostock Kickstarter

Imagine a photographic artist’s retreat quietly situated in Michigan’s north woods where you can go and be educated in a number of photographic processes as well as utilize all the equipment needed to practice your art. A place where some of the finest in their field come to hold workshops and seminars far from the hustle of any city and only a short drive from one of the largest and most beautiful freshwater lakes in the world. Well, it’s already happening and with your help, it can get even better.

Cut to the chase. This Kickstarter project has reached the 90% mark very quickly and certainly deserves to reach its goal in the next few days. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone as enthusiastic about promoting photography as Bill Schwab and it’s nice to see this project (hopefully) coming to fruition.