Author: Keith

Sea Smoke on the Mississippi River

Sea Smoke, on the Mississippi River Although Minnesota recently had its first (far too early) snowstorm of 2020, the weather rebounded and we’ve seen some nice, mild temps lately. But, we all know what’s around the corner. When the weather starts to get brutal in Minnesota, sea smoke can form when the air is much colder than the surface of a warmer body of water. This image was made on such a day at the Saint Anthony Falls, on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. Printed in silver-gelatin in an edition of just 10 prints, all are hand-printed by me in the darkroom, using the finest quality fiber...

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Photographer Support Pledge

The Photographer Support Pledge About The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the livelihood of many photographers and artists worldwide. To help support them financially, scott b. davis of Medium Photo (@mediumsandiego) has started the Photographer Support Pledge (#photographersupportpledge), giving photographers the chance to offer prints for sale, either framed or unframed, at a maximum of $200 (£200, €200, or ¥20000) plus shipping. Those photographers participating agree to purchase work by another photographer after $1000 in sales. All sales and shipping are handled by the artist who receives 100% of the sale. Anybody can purchase prints offered for sale, and each sale offers much needed financial support during this pandemic. Print Sales I will be offering prints for sale on my shop website. Some images may have multiple prints available whereas others may only have a single print for sale. If it’s visible on the webpage then it’s available to purchase! Check back often as I will be updating and adding prints. Secure payment is handled by PayPal using either a PayPal account or a credit card. Shipping will be by USPS Priority Mail, with a tracking number, and is included in the price for domestic shipping. For orders outside of the United States, please email me for shipping costs. Most orders will be shipped the same day where possible. Click on the button below to be taken to my shop and...

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