Category: Darkroom

The Perfect Paper

  I’ve been printing a lot in gelatin-silver lately, both for myself and for clients. For my work I’ve found I’m moving away from the pure matte paper I used to love, Ilford Multigrade Matte, and more...

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Printing Services

After a couple of recent conversations I’ve come to realise that some people see me as a printer, but not one who prints for other photographers, whereas others do know me as a commercial printer but not as a photographer....

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Two Books

Two books that recently arrived — Celebrating the Negative by John Loengard and Developer Trays by John Cyr. Celebrating the Negative was first published in 1994 after Loengard had tracked down and photographed the negatives of...

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Artist Desktops

Over at Artist Desktops Nate Larson is organising a collection of screenshots of artists’ computer desktop images. I have no idea how many of those people can find anything in the clutter, but the best has to be Blake...

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Famous Developer Trays

Emmet Gowin’s developer tray by John Cyr Two years ago I wrote about a series of photographs by Richard Nicholson called “Last One Out” that documented the disappearance of the professional traditional wet...

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London Darkrooms

It’s been a weird week and one that seemed to revolve around many of the London printers I used to hang out with in the pubs of Shoreditch and Clerkenwell. It’s as if I’ve been in a time warp or an episode of...

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A Sad Time

Image © Nikki Gibbs, print by Adrian Ensor It’s hard to believe but I have been printing for other photographers now for nearly 30 years. The time hasn’t always flown by, but I have – and I really believe this...

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The Diana arrived this morning, fresh out of the mould from the Lomographic Society. I still can’t believe I paid $50 for a plastic camera, but then again, when I think about how much I spend on platinum, palladium and...

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