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Bill Jay Documentary

There’s a great documentary on the writer, photographer and curator Bill Jay, titled Do Not Bend: The Photographic Life of Bill Jay. Until this week is was only screened at selected venues, and those were primarily in the...

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3-Minute Egg

Matt Peiken of 3-Minute Egg has produced a nice video interview of Beth Dow , Osama Esid and myself talking about our work in the show The Imperfect Print: The Art of the Handcrafted Print .

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Bill Taub, NASA photographer

Bill Taub has died age 86. As senior photographer for NASA from 1958 to 1975 he photographed virtually all of their missions and astronauts from the start of the Mercury project through to the end of Apollo. Growing up in the UK...

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Press Release: Ilford Photo has issued a commitment to all black and white photography enthusiasts that despite other brands’ products becoming discontinued elsewhere in the industry, it will continue to support its existing range of mono photographic products for the foreseeable future. Numerous black and white specialist products have been discontinued by other manufacturers in recent months and as the only dedicated black and white photographic brand, Ilford Photo issued the following statement today reassuring customers that it has no plans for downsizing its product range.

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So far, so good.

Paul, which will open in March, I’ve been invited to write a piece for Tom Persinger ‘s new book to be published by f295 and there’s the prospect of some very interesting work from a great client that I worked with last year. … I’ve always felt that an image isn’t finished until I have a print in my hands that I’m happy with, but because I often can’t find blocks of time large enough to complete the process, I usually get as far as editing and then it all falls apart and gets put on hold because of everything else that just happens, deadlines for clients, family commitments etc.

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