Category: Letterpress

The Broadside Edition

Yesterday evening I got to finish my first letterpress broadside edition. Printed on 10″ x 10″ Zerkhall Frankfurt paper, linoleum block image in warm grey, Garamond and Times New Roman 14pt type in Chocolate...

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Printing the Edition

Last Monday evening I set up the linoleum block on the Vandercook to proof and print the edition. Placing the furniture prior to locking up was more of a Rubik’s cube than I imagined, although it’s not rocket...

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Give them Helvetica

I could have chosen something larger for my (nearly) 51 year old eyes than Garamond 14pt. As Cy always says “Give them Helvetica. At least it’s not Goudy”. Several hiccups tonight. Originally my layout had the...

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Letterpress I – Week 1

Last night was the first evening of the seven week Letterpress I course at MCBA. Sara, our instructor, had us make artwork for pressure printing from self-adhesive sheets. The purpose was to show how, by layering and overlapping...

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