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Newsletter — January 2018

Besides my personal work there is another side that’s important to me – the commercial printing and related services I offer for other artists. Whether the work is for myself or for others I feel so fortunate that I...

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Newsletter — June 2017

  Otherworld   Otherworld, my current work in progress, uses photographs taken in the upper Midwest to render possible models of the Earth-like planets currently being sought by NASA’s Kepler mission, and it also...

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Newsletter — May 2017

  Temple of Apollo, Ancient Corinth, Greece, is one of two images that Obscura Gallery is offering of mine, at a discount, as part of their Featured Artist series. As well as a price discount, shipping is complimentary and...

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Newsletter — March 2017

  I’m really happy to be able to say that I’m one of the twelve artists represented by Jennifer Schlesinger’s new gallery, Obscura Gallery, in Santa Fe. Jennifer was previously the director at Verve...

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Newsletter — November 2016

MCAD POLYMERGRAVURE CLASS If you’ve ever wanted to learn the polymergravure process then you’ll want to join the MCAD mailing list because this February I’ll be teaching a six week evening class at the...

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Newsletter — March 2016

  AIPAD If you’re in New York City for AIPAD in April, stop by the Verve Gallery booth as they’ll be showing a selection of prints from my new, and ongoing, series Otherworld. With the NASA Kepler Mission in...

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