Category: Printmaking

We Are Working All the Time

We printed this poster during the night of June 4-5, 2011 at Father Hennepin Park in Minneapolis as part of the “Empty Words” performance at Northern Spark. Screen-printed in red and black. Seems an accurate...

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Santa Fe

Last week I was in Santa Fe for the opening of Cy’s retrospective at the Verve Gallery. At the last minute Cy was unfortunately unable to make it, so I was asked to catch a flight and stand in for him. The gallery looked...

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Monoprints on the Vandercook

This past Sunday we spent the day with Regula Russelle as part of our MCBA/Jerome programme. While the others worked with pressure prints, I experimented with monoprints on the Vandercook. I wanted a cosmos-like, Milky Way-style...

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For the last several weeks after school my son Miles has been making prints as one of the six participants in the ACCESS/PRINT Project mentorship at Highpoint Center for Printmaking. The ACCESS/PRINT Project (A/P Project) is a...

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