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Studio News

Over at my other website I’ve started posting about projects I’m working on and general studio ‘stuff’. This is me trying to keep my personal work separate from that of the work I do for other...

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Van Gelder paper

Way back when I first came to the US, I started using Van Gelder Simili Japon paper for my own platinum printing. It was from the last remaining mill in Holland yet it was easily available in large sheets and had good wet...

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Where I Work

  I am featured in Rfotofolio‘s series Where We Work. Please tell us about your work space. I share the space with the photographer Cy DeCosse. I’m fortunate in having such a large space although the darkroom is now...

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Polymer Pitfalls

One of the problems with polymer plates is that they can be susceptible to scratches, if not handled properly. I must have picked up the smallest speck of grit when I inked this plate, because once I started to wipe it, these...

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I have been proofing the first plate with a variety of Charbonnel black inks, which I probably use 90% of the time, plus Gamblin Carbon Black. I had recently run out of the Charbonnel equivalent and tried to buy a 1lb can...

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New Project

Image — Miles Taylor Last week I travelled up to the arrowhead region of Minnesota for a few days, to Grand Marais and the Gunflint Trail, to work on the start of a new personal project. I’d made the decision some time ago...

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The Midnight Garden

[portfolio_slideshow] This is a selection of images from new work by Cy DeCosse titled The Midnight Garden. The flowers in this series open at night or early evening. Some of the blooms will die by early morning; some will stay...

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