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I was thinking of writing a post on backups only last week when on Saturday the inevitable happened. I was locked out of all my websites (all are on one server) and unable to correct it. The sites were still live, so people...

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New Website for Beth Dow

  I’ve just finished designing and building a long overdue website for Beth Dow. This latest website is built on WordPress and is completely responsive on mobile phones and tablets. Reality check: iPhones and iPads....

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My New Old Logo

Back in London in the early 1980s when I opened my own lab I used a friend, who was a graphic designer, to design my letterhead and business cards. She insisted that I use Bush Hollyhead for the logo even though I didn’t...

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Website Redesign

I have a newly redesigned website that I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks now. There are still a few tweaks to be made – adding titles to the images is one – but for the best part it’s up and...

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The Cameleon App

This iOS app from F295certainly sounds as if it could be the one. The estimated date of availability in the App store is May 15th. Cameleon doesn’t want to be your novelty, toy camera app of the week, but is looking for a...

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The Midnight Garden

[portfolio_slideshow] This is a selection of images from new work by Cy DeCosse titled The Midnight Garden. The flowers in this series open at night or early evening. Some of the blooms will die by early morning; some will stay...

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Over the past few years I’ve become increasingly used to taking photos with my iPhone and processing them with one of the many apps available – I’ve tried them all. I love the look and feel of the images but I...

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