Rolleflex 2.8F
Rolleflex 3.5F
Mamiya 6 with 75mm and 150mm lenses
Mamiya 7 with 43mm, 80mm and 150mm lenses
Fuji 100s


Film & Chemistry

Ilford Delta 400
PMK Pyro developer

Websites, Computers and Software

I love technology but I don’t need the latest Apple computers, just ones that are dependable. At the studio, my Mac Pro contains four internal hard drives plus an SSD that sits in place of one of the two optical drive bays. The SSD contains the OS and applications while the hard drives are used for master files, backups and a Photoshop scratch disk. This is used with a 27″ Apple Thunderbolt display.


For a faster configuration in my MacBook Pro I’ve replaced the optical drive with a second hard drive. The OS and applications are on a fast Solid State Drive (SSD), while all documents and user created files are on a 7200rpm 1TB hard drive (HDD). The result is a much faster computer and, with regular backups, if either drive fails it’s just a matter of minutes to swap out the failed drive without the worry of losing either the OS or documents.


Image files are all stored in a mirrored RAID 1 configuration with regularly rotating onsite, offsite and cloud backups.

MAMP — Local server development

BBEdit — Code and text editing

ownCloud — Self-hosted file sync server

Nextcloud — Self-hosted file sync server

Sync — Safer, more secure option to Dropbox

Carbon Copy Cloner — Local onsite and offsite backups

Adobe Creative Cloud — Photoshop and Lightroom

QuadToneRIP — Software RIP for digital negatives

CrashPlan — Continuous cloud backups


OmniFocus — Task management

SiteGround — Website hosting


More information on my setup can be found in The Setup interview, originally written in 2012.


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