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With over 30 years of experience, I offer processing and printing services for photographers using contemporary digital, traditional silver and historical platinum processes.



I started my career as a black and white printer in London printing advertising, fashion and editorial images for photographers.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s I was one of a handful of printers in London who specialised in printing exhibitions and portfolios, and for producing prints that won numerous awards from the Association of Photographers, the British Picture Editors’ Awards and the Ilford Photographic Awards.

It was while I was still in London that I became increasingly interested in the historical, or alternative, processes.



In 1996 I emigrated to the United States, to Minneapolis, and since then I’ve specialised in platinum-palladium, polymer-photogravure, toned gelatin-silver and 3-colour gum dichromate prints, both for my own work and for clients across the US, the UK and Europe.

I can still be found in the darkroom processing and printing black and white film but I’m also experienced in processing and editing RAW files for a variety of end uses including historical print processes, inkjet printing and the web.

Prints can be made individually or as an edition – there is no minimum quantity for an image. And everything I make — prints, books or portfolio cases — either for myself or for a client, is made with love, care and completely by hand using the finest papers and materials.

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