Silver-Gelatin Prints

All prints are hand-printed by me in the darkroom, using film, enlargers and chemistry, the same way it has been done since the early days of the 20th century. I only use fibre papers and all prints are toned and processed to archival standards. Some prints are limited in edition size while others are open editions.

Inkjet Prints

Small and affordable, these prints aren’t limited in edition size.

Platinum-Palladium Prints

The platinum process, dating back to the late 19th century, is made by hand-coating a sheet of paper, by brush, with light sensitive chemicals containing platinum and palladium metal solutions.

Orders for platinum prints will be printed to order and will ship within 3-5 business days.

Polymer Photogravure Prints

Polymer photogravure is a contemporary method of producing photo etchings. A plate is made and then inked and gently wiped by hand using tarlatan, a soft cloth, to remove the ink from the lightest areas, but being careful to leave ink in the grooves of the darkest shadow areas. The finished plate is then placed on the bed of an intaglio press, covered with damp etching paper and press blankets and run through the press. Under pressure the ink is squeezed out of the deep grooves and onto the paper to form the image. Carefully, the blankets are lifted and the print pulled away from the plate and laid out to dry. The plate can then re-inked, wiped and printed until the edition is complete.

Aquatint Screens

I have been using these fine-micron stochastic screens both for my work and in the workshops I teach with the polymer photogravure process for several years. Available in three screen resolutions, they produce a full range of tones and contrasts: Fine (the softest contrast), Medium and Coarse (the hardest contrast).

If necessary, the screens can be cleaned with a soft cloth and film cleaner (PEC-12) or isopropyl alcohol. Larger sizes are available – email for details.

Payment Plans

All individual prints or total print orders* over $300 are available to purchase with a flexible, and interest free, payment plan. Email me (with no obligation or hard sell) with the print(s) you’re interested in and we’ll work together to find suitable options for you. Once the deposit has been paid, your artwork will be reserved and monthly payments made via check or online using a credit card or PayPal. Plans are all interest free. Artwork can be picked up or will be shipped after the final payment.

*Aquatint screens excluded.