Terry King

Photo by Roy Snell

The sad news this week was that Terry King passed away, in London, after suffering a heart attack.

We were first introduced by Martin Reed in the early 1980s and I loved his attitude from the start. He was a man of many strong convictions, but I always had the utmost respect for Terry, regardless of whether I felt he was right or wrong. Since moving to America I never got to see him as often as I would have liked – the last time was in Santa Fe in 2005 – but he, and his contributions to photography, will be missed.

A Portrait of Arthur

© Thomas Rose

I recently finished printing a fun project — a portfolio of prints for Tom Rose, a professor at the University of Minnesota.

The twelve images, all photographed in the apartment of philosopher and writer Arthur C. Danto, were printed in platinum-palladium and housed in a custom clamshell case that I made. The prints will be exhibited at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing at the end of April during the symposium, Arthur C. Danto and the Work of Art; from Object to Theory.

“These images were taken in the apartment of the renowned American philosopher and art writer Arthur C. Danto and his wife, the painter Barbara Westman. It was my privilege to know them and to spend time with them in their beautiful and magical environment.


In an attempt to express the atmosphere and aura of the rooms I used several formats and methods to accomplish what I believe is a portrait of them focusing on what they have assembled, and the collection of objects with which they have surrounded themselves. The images underlay my belief that how we live in spaces creates a portrait of who we are, and what we believe through visual reveals — open and abstract space becomes place; a specific place with history, memory and a resonance, a kind of metaphysical haunting. I am interested primarily in phenomenological experience, the effect on the senses that provide clues to understanding and offer interpretations of everyday experience.


— Thomas Rose, Professor, University of Minnesota.

Platinum Prints

Image size 9″ x 9″.
Paper size 19″ x 15″.
12 images, available individually or as a complete set.

Produced specifically for the exhibition and symposium, Arthur C. Danto and the Work of Art; from Object to Theory, to be held at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing at the end of April.

All images © Thomas Rose.

Printing Services

iPhone_2014-11-08 11.38.59-400

New Mexico Museum of Art — Focus on Photography

After a couple of recent conversations I’ve come to realise that some people see me as a printer, but not one who prints for other photographers, whereas others do know me as a commercial printer but not as a photographer.

So I’ve set up a website, www.keithtaylorstudio.com, to separate the commercial photo lab/printing services I offer other photographers from my personal photography. On this new website you’ll find prices, information about the processes I work with and other fun stuff that’s hopefully relevant — from film processing to platinum prints.